Color commentary on Rep. Rahm Emanuel’s Jewish community talk for Obama in Seattle

On Monday, August 4th, the Obama Jewish Community Leadership Committee in Seattle held its kickoff event with around 120-140 people in attendance.  Rep. Rahm Emanuel did an excellent job equipping the audience with reasons why skeptical Jews have every reason to support Obama for President.  He debunked the myths that have been sown and gave everyone there with confidence that, when these proof points get out there, that the Jewish communities around the country will be galvanized behind Obama.
The comments that follow, though, are my color commentary on the event.  Also – take a look at the JTNews article.
During his talk, Rahm Emanuel talked about the strength of the foreign policy team.  Here is a NYTimes article about Obama’s foreign policy team – especially in contrast with McCain’s team.
In emphasizing Obama’s strength – Emanuel pointed out Obama’s excellent judgement and that there have been several examples when Obama made a suggestion and/or prediction and was initially ridiculed – only to then be shown to be correct.  Watch the video at the bottom about Obama’s original opposition to the Iraq war. State Sen. Obama said that we shouldn’t enter the Iraq War – not that he’s opposed to all war, just “dumb war”. This Video is so illuminating in terms of how much foresight Obama had around the issues that we’d ultimately face.  Again – we need a President who is thoughtful, knowledgeable and who effectively synthesizes ideas from a broad array of similarly smart and effective sources.

I look forward to helping Jews across the country learn more about how Obama is really the best candidate for issues and areas that are important to Jews.


Obama’s original speech on the Iraq War in 2002


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