Thoughts on Clinton’s name submitted for the DNC

In this ABCNews article – they share that Clinton’s name will be submitted for the nomination and there will be a roll call.  The goal is to make sure that folks’ voices are heard and respected. 

I think that this is another example of Obama showing that he is the leader who can and will help us navigate the most complex and challenging waters we have faced in this nation’s existence.  He recognizes that it’s key to build coalitions and strengthen relationships.  Diplomacy – but internally in this case. 

What will be critical is making sure that the delegate management infrastructure properly manages the Obama delegates to ensure that everyone understands what’s happening when.

In addition to being a delegate, I am a part of the WA state tally committee (I’ll be counting votes).  SO – I’ll be keenly aware of how people are voting and making sure that our delegates stay aligned as appropriate.


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