Polls Shmolls – Just Ignore Them…

In Frank Rich’s editorial this week he talks about many people bemoaning that Obama isn’t further ahead in the polls given the displeasure most people have with the current administration.  Two key things that I say to those doing that bemoaning:

  1. I believe the Polls are not going to be indicative for several reasons:
  • people say v. people do
  • we have to assume that there could be “issues” at the polls on election day and that, in some states, we’ll need a 10% win in order to win by 1%
  • I suspect that many of those who will be squarely supportive of Obama are not those who have traditional phones that’d be called during polls
  • Obama has a proven history of – when people get to know him, they support him. Again – it will take everything we have to introduce the critical mass of people to him.

2.    Don’t bemoan – be Busy!

  • “comfortable” leads in the past have led to complacency and we need to make sure that we get every vote possible out – especially since it’s not just Obama’s race in place – but also all of the down ticket democrats who will benefit from a big turnout.
  • Winning this year will take everything we all have – whether it’s doorbelling, phonebanking or going to events to get more people registered or to get people out to vote.

One response to “Polls Shmolls – Just Ignore Them…

  1. Hi Suzi-thanks for being so positive, the latest polls/news had me bummed but you have some great points! YES WE CAN!

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