Shaking the apathy out of unregistered voters…

At Hempfest this weekend, I approached a few folks to register to vote.  They were unregistered & eligible, but said “I don’t vote”.  AAAAARRRGGGHH.  Fortunately, over the weekend, others had much more success and got over 600 new voters registered.  SO – the questions are:  Is engaging folks who think “apathy is cool” all about peeling the layers of dead thinking off?  Was it that, with my stroller and daughter in tow, my resemblance to their parents and to the establishment made it too hard to accept my offer? 

Whatever it was, I hope that we’re able to break through in this election cycle and that, even if their cause celebre is “legalize marijuana” – that they realize they can only do that by participating, not sitting it out.


One response to “Shaking the apathy out of unregistered voters…

  1. The call may be to “legalize MJ” but the real effort is to “decimalize ” it. The powerful forces of the ACLU of WA and Rick Steves are working on just that. If the cause seems worthy and if you are willing to put effort into it, contact the ACLU of WA.

    Jack Smith

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