Amazing Interfaith Gathering on Sunday

My view on the event

My view on the event

On Sunday, Aug 24th, Eric and I went to the Interfaith Gathering in what I call “Suzi’s Spiritual Sunday”.  It started out with a great procession.  Highlights for me were:

Richard Smallwood & Vision – really lit it up during the event.  I’m working on getting the video uploaded – but didn’t have time last night to do it.  Amazing energy.

All were inspiring speakers, but the ones who spoke to me most deeply were:

Bishop Charles Blake – He spoke directly to the need to invest early in children so that we don’t have to invest more when they grow up. His speech was amazing about the danger of the chasm between the haves and have nots grow. “every child has equal value”.  He shared that he’s a “pro-life democrat” – but then shared that there’s more that the Democrats have that align to support people.  Specifically – he shared that there are those who loudly proclaim their support of the unborn babies – but then abandon those who are born.  Big ovation at that.  He finished with citing the dropping of the baton by the Olympic relay and said that we should not drop the baton on our children.

Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb – talked about loving thy neighbor – finished with an amazing quote from Rabbi Abraham Cook talking about a leader not succumbing or trying to match evil, but using light to dispel the evil.  <in search of that quote still>.


One response to “Amazing Interfaith Gathering on Sunday

  1. This may be the source of the remark, from a letter by Rabbi Kook:
    “I humbly submit that this is one of the great mysteries alluded to in the Zohar, Bereshit, that the head of the academy in the palace of Messiah announced, ‘Whoever does not transform darkness to light and bitterness to sweetness, has no place here.’ In other words, the redemption will be brought about only by attempting to transform the evil powers into good. We must not push the bad away. It is conceivable they are evil because of extenuating circumstances. They have been influenced negatively and are not totally to blame. How can we push a stone down after one who is falling?”

    Found it at


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