Breakfast Day 1 with WA Delegation

This morning we are having bfast with Gov. Janet Napolitano, Gov. Howard Dean, Rep. Jay Inslee and Rep. Rick Larsen

Napolitano at WA bfast

Napolitano at WA bfast

Gov. Napolitano: doing a great job pumping us up – including talking about the need to assume that he’ll lead us in more misunderstatements.  She also, comically, talked about how most Arizonans have 1 home.  In fact – there is no Governor’s mansion.  Instead, there’s a Gov. condo.

Gov. Howard Dean – emphasizing the need for turnout in the east side of WA state in order to help Gov. Gregoire win

Rep. Jay Inslee – sharing that he’s willing to do everything needed to help Dems win across the state.  Keying in on that John McCain was AWOL on biggest energy vote for clean energy.  Shared a lot of other examples of how to create Green energy.  Republicans saying that clean energy is a pipe dream is a complete lie.  Use “Susan Petty” as an example – who is on Greenlake inventing new ways to generate energy.  Then introduced Apollo Alliance.


Dean at WA Bfast

Dean at WA BfastInslee at WA bfast


2 responses to “Breakfast Day 1 with WA Delegation

  1. Hey Suzie,

    Thanks for blogging the convention for those of us that don’t get to go! I really am looking forward to reading more from an inside perspective. 🙂 I’m hoping to see you and everyone in the 36th before we leave for Salt Lake City. 😦


  2. Wow, great kick off! So excited. Please keep the blogging going so those of us here in Seattle can enjoy!

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