Cecile Richards comments…

Cecile Richards, head of Planned Parenthood and daughter of Ann Richards, went 2nd to last in the line-up of speakers at the Women’s Caucus this morning.  Here we are together:

Cecile Richards - Head of Planned Parenthood and Ann Richards' Daughter

Cecile Richards – Head of Planned Parenthood and Daughter of Ann Richards

Some other highlights from her talk:

That the dining table growing up for her wasn’t where “we ate dinner, it was where we sorted precinct lists”.  She shared this as perspective on the work we all need to do.

They showed a clip of Ann Richards from 20 years ago talking about her new granddaughter Lily – and the importance of electing someone to make things better for her.  Cecile followed that by sharing that Lily, her daughter, will cast her first vote this November for Barack Obama (yes – I totally was crying thinking about my kids!).

Fran Drescher went almost last and a point that struck me was that we have someone not legislate a woman’s body, but make sure that they will push forward pro-women legislation, including pro-choice

Others who spoke (sorry I’m going out of order) and key points that struck me:

Sheila Johnson (is a part owner of 3 sports teams and major business leader)

Sheila Johnson - major biz leader

Sheila Johnson – major biz leader

the final 3 candidates represent 3 very descriminated against groups: women, elderly and African American.

That the Republicans will push to avoid issues & focus on color, gender, faith.

Depending on the work that we put in over the next 9 weeks, we will get the President we deserve.

Eric with Sheila Johnson

Eric with Sheila Johnson

Alice Gerond (Sp?) – Secretary of the DNC: shared that women now represent 51% of the delegates.  Also shared that when we vote on the platform tonight, it’ll be the most pro-women platform ever.

Lastly – Alice shared that women are historically the last to make up their minds for voting and that they largely hate negative campaigns.  SO – all that much more critical for us to get very busy and maintain a positive campaign.

Of course – today is the anniversary of suffrage.


One response to “Cecile Richards comments…

  1. Suzi, we saw you on national TV during Michelle’s speech! You were wonderful! So proud of our little Queen Anne mom. 🙂

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