Inside the hall – just heard Sen. Kennedy…

His speech was amazing – you can watch it on broadcast, I’m sure – but what struck me most deeply was his pledge to be there in January when Obama gets sworn in.  Two things struck me – one – that as a daughter  of a neurosurgeon, I know the odds that he’s going to be beating by making it to January and by being able to be cogent and upright.  But also – I totally teared up at the thought of Obama swearing in. 

My favorite quote was Kennedy’s close: “The hope rises again and the dream lives on” – it was outstanding that he evoked his brothers John & Bobby. 

In the photos – from left to right – me waiting to go in, the scene inside, seeing howard dean

About to watch Michelle Obama’s speech


One response to “Inside the hall – just heard Sen. Kennedy…

  1. Kennedy’s ending was obviously deliberately evocative of the way he closed his convention speech in 1980, when he conceded the nomination to Jimmy Carter: “the work goes on, the cause endures, our hope still lives, and the dreams shall never die.”

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