Rep. Robert Wexler, FL, speaking on Israel


America has paid a dear price for Iraq bogging us down.   We have watched Iran’s power growth and endangerment of Israel & America.

Turn our focus back to defeating Al Qaeda.  He’s the leader we need and the leader and friend Israel needs.

An unshakeable dedication to Israel – stands with Israel – with words & deeds.  Barack Obama led the fight for divestment legislation that will deliver powerful economic sanctions against Iran.  Barack Obama understands the attacks that Israel faces – and he will strongly support their right to defend themselves.  Understands that the words Never Again must have meaning in our time.


Interesting interjection.  The Florida delegation got Pro-Obama, Pro-Israel signs that they held up.  My fellow Obama delegate and a wonderful human being – Majid Al Bahadli (Iraqi-American) – raised an interesting question around the speech.  If we’re focused on Israel, how do we also make sure to appeal to the Arab-American community that represents a huge and material constituency in Michigan.


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