The Nomination Process and the Roll Call

Sorry my blogs will be out of order – I want to keep people tuned into things real time right now and then will update folks on yesterday’s events and experiences.  So far – quite amazing.

In the nominations process, the Obama team was masterful in its selection of the 3 they chose to do the nominating:

  • Michael Wilson – a veteran and lifelong Republican started it off.  Some of his amazing quotes: he wants a President who talks with enemies and consults with allies; uses war as a last, not a first resort; knows how to adept as situations change.  Also shared an old saying: “If you do what you always did, you get what you always got”
  • Rep Ken Salazar (D. CO) – latino community, Rep for a battleground state, pulled himself up out of an 8 kid and not wealthy family – farmer.
  • Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz – Clinton’s campaign co-chair and prominent Jewish Florida legislator.

Roll call thoughts

How exciting to hear the states of Florida and Michigan cast their votes in a positive way for Sen. Obama.  This is an abso

Way to go New Hampshire – did ALL 30 votes for Obama.  And New Jersey – unanimously 127 votes for Obama!  Cheering – YES WE CAN!!!!!

Every state has one – ie California was the greatest people in the country – gotta love Sen. Amy Klobuchars bragging commentfor Minnesota was the Winning Duluth College Women’s Hockey Team

NOW – New Mexico


One response to “The Nomination Process and the Roll Call

  1. To Suzy (thanks for the emails), Nick (I saw you on TV), to Shanna (I just saw you speak eloquently on MSNBC) to Jayron, to all of you WA delegates, you ROCK. It was really exciting to watch the roll call and acclamation! Thanks so much for representing all of us. Enjoy the convention–forgive me if I missed anyone and my best to all of you!

    I am filling in on AM760 in Denver on Monday, Sept 1st from here in Seattle from 5 a to 9 a our time (PDT). Call in if you get a chance or send me your numbers and we will call you to hear your plans for the general. 303-713-7600.

    Hail to our Commander in Chief to BE! Barack Obama, officially now the nominee of the Democratic Party, Well done!

    YES we can and YES we will

    Your comment is awaiting moderation. I am confused please delete if too many

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