Obama Wins Because of You (or Stop Kvetching and Do Something!)

Please forward this!


Do You Want Obama to Win?  Then Do Something About It!


Guess what?  It’s September 18th, not November 5th.


We have 6 ½ weeks left until November 4th.  That’s both a lot and a little bit of time.  Don’t squander it.


I’ve had a lot of people come up to me wringing their hands saying “I’m worried” – but what I’ve really appreciated are those who are saying: “I’m worried, what can I do?” In fact – if you are going to just sit there and kvetch or forward news stories without doing anything and not offer to help – then go away.  I don’t want to hear from you.  Go away 


We are going to win.  You know how I know? Because the Obama Campaign’s plan is outstanding, laser focused and viable.  And because YOU are going to help.    


In fact, YOU are the secret weapon to win. 


The core plan is not rocket science – it’s jet fuel. 

  • 50 state strategy – but with special emphasis on 17 battleground states
  • Register more voters (especially in likely Obama demographics)
  • Persuade the 10% who are undecided to vote for Obama and get them out to vote
  • Get more of the base voters out to vote


Sure – there are other tactical things the campaign is doing like:

  • Focusing on ALL counties in battleground states so that you pick up voters even in rural counties – and not just urban counties
  • Looking at ALL electoral votes – including the 1 possible elector in Nebraska since they split by congressional district
  • Putting at least 4X the staff Kerry had on the ground to do voter registration and get out the vote in battleground states
  • Having a big push toward early and absentee voting to counter the horrible lies we know that are coming at the last minute


But here are the things you need to do – it comes down to time and money:

·         Money

    • Since people are so accustomed to bristling at requests for money – I’m going to start with that (again – get over it – we have to win!)  The Obama campaign needs every dollar they can get.  We all wish that campaign finance reform was really in place and that we didn’t have to raise inordinate amounts of money.  What a colossal waste of time and money!  But it isn’t in place and it costs a heck of a lot of money to have enough staff and enough advertising to make sure that people know about Obama and get out to vote for him.  Florida alone will cost $40M – according to the plan.  If you’ve already given some, thank you and please consider giving more AND ask other people to make donations.  If you haven’t given, then please do.  Any amount is appreciated – but if you haven’t given until it hurts, then you haven’t given enough.  If you think you’ve maxed – odds on you haven’t (there are other pools of funds to which you can donate that also go to the Obama campaign – so talk to me about that.) Here’s a link through which to make a donation (helps track the donation for the northwest)  https://donate.barackobama.com/page/contribute/northwest?custom1=Get%20With%20The%20Program .  If you’re waiting for some special time – that time is now.  The campaign needs to know that it has the funding to execute its plan.
  • Time
    • Be a Pollworker – For King County: Poll Worker Coordinator Office King County Elections (206) 296-1606 http://www.metrokc.gov/elections/pollworker/
    • Register Voters
    • Persuade Undecided Voters
    •  Get out the vote – sign up to be involved in your neighborhood and that way – you will be a part of the team getting people to turn out.
    • WA state – it is not a slam dunk that Obama will win here.  Plus – it’s critical to get excellent turnout in order to buttress Christine Gregoire and Darcy Burner’s chances of winning. 
    • Battleground states – if you are available to travel to Battleground states, there’ll be more information forthcoming about help in a final push for voter registration as well as in get out the vote efforts.  Keep a close eye on the www.barackobama.com for more information on this.  I’ll also send more as soon as I know it


Last but not least, Work your networks – please share this email (or parts of it) with your friends! Let them know that they are critical to helping.  If you get an email or have a conversation with someone and they complain about the Republicans, tell them to put up or shut up. 


Thank you!

Suzi (feel free to point people with questions my way)


Ps – if you want to join us for the debate next Friday, the 26th, here’s the lowdown:


Friday, September 26th at 5:30pm Debate Watching & Fundraising: Obama vs McCain – Round 1

  • Sponsored by: Washington Women for Obama, State Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles and the LeVine family
  • What: Join others to watch the debates and, at the same time, help the Obama campaign win by fueling the campaign. We’ll have the theater, the living room, the pool room and maybe even the sitting room set up for watching (please let me know if you have a projector and/or screen I could borrow for the sitting room).
  • Cost: Give or raise a minimum of $50
  • RSVP: http://my.barackobama.com/page/event/detail/gs7j2d
  • When: 5:30pm start – The debate airs at 6pm Pacific – so be sure to get here and get settled down in time! Here’s the link for making your contribution: https://donate.barackobama.com/page/contribute/ovfnorthwest?custom1=Jeanne%20Kohl%20Welles%20and%20Suzi%20LeVine
  • Food/Drink: We will have fantastic wine and cheese and ask guests to bring desserts.


Special Note for parents:Babysitters will be available at the LeVine house


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