From my seat

Ok –you won’t see me in the coverage unless something goes catastrophically wrong or unlessthey pull a peter pan and have her fly in from high and back in the arena. Actually – that would be a great but if stagecraft. Maybe they should have that next time. Instead of a debate – the candidates need to perform in the talent competition.

Newsflash either biden or his lookalike just came in. Wouldn’t it be funny if Tina fey did the debate instead?


One response to “From my seat

  1. Phyllis Davidson

    This says it all – quoting Arianna Huffington at a debate watching session with Fortune’s top 100 women:
    “The only subject on which Palin displayed superior knowledge was when she corrected Biden on the proper delivery of “Drill, baby, drill!” Christie Hefner thought Palin’s sex-tinged twist on the chant should be appropriated for a commercial. Perhaps for Viagra.”

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