The Days of Atonement and the Election…

Today, during Rosh Hashana services, I took the time during the silent Amidah to space out on the actual words, meditate on what this holiday and time of year means and connect it with what is filling my heart, soul, brain and circulatory system: the election. 

The days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are called the days of atonement.  Typically, during this period of time, you apologize to those you’ve wronged and forgive those who’ve wronged you.  It’s a fantastic concept in terms of getting to a place of tabula rasa each year and really forcing communication.  As Stephen Colbert said: “I’m sorry I’m so perfect”. 

Another way to think about this time is as a preparation for our death.  One of the interpretation of Yom Kippur is as our practice day of death.  We don’t eat, we do a final cleansing/accounting and the book of life is closed at the end.  After the book closes, we are reborn.  Thus – the days of atonement are as if you are really getting your affairs in order. 

To some extent, it’s like the ultimate election in which those voting can only hear/see the ruth and we are laid bare for all to see.  While we may not be able to do that with the real election, since change and goodness starts with oneself and then spreads, take a moment and think about your own personal “campaign”.  What is your platform?  What do you stand for?  How are you going to clean the slate and what will you enact or do when you are “elected” on October 10th and start in office as the “New You”?

Applying this to the election that will happen Nov 4th, how are you going to wade through and demand the same type of veracity and how are you demanding a similar accounting of the candidates who seek to govern us?

Basically – as you think about the new year, think about yourself and the world around you – press for truth and for a better world.  It starts with you, but you also have the power to ask it of those who seek the honor of your vote and support!


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