Oprah at the Democratic Women’s Leadership Forum

Theme and key statement was: Women know and Women do. 


Hillary Clinton’s being in this race showed that women have the right to run and the right to choose – and it means that  we’re already free.  Hillary changed the molecular structure and freed us so that we can now believe that  a woman could indeed be President.


Oprah had done a marathon and emphasized that the last 6 miles were the hardest.  We are now in that period – and she couldn’t have done that last 6 miles by herself – needed everyone in her support structure.  Barack needs everyone to help cross that finish line


“We are audacious, but we’re not naïve.  We’ve seen all of the things that have happened.  We’ve been deceived before, but we’re not in the mood to be fooled and let down in 2008.  we must continue to be vigilant in every effort” 


She used the imagery of midwifing this election.   It feels like a leader has risen up among us.  Those who criticize him and call him aloof do so because they’ve never seen someone with such a steady temperament. 


The United states was not born from “NO” – it was born from “Yes” and from a pursuit of justice and greatness. 



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