Energy panel – Builders should weatherize homes during this downturn…

Van Jones, Nicole Lederer, Sen. Amy Klobuchar & John Podesta. 


Van Jones (incredibly dynamic and connected to the audience! If you get a chance to see him, it’s a real treat)

Posed the point to the audience – we need Obama not to be Jimmy Carter.  Rather than wanting Obama to save us when he is in office, we need to save barack Obama.  We can help him by being instrumental in the clean & green economy.  Our building industry is idle right now (and probably for another 18-24 months).  In the meantime, can we get them re-building America?  For example – Windmills.  Millions of little machined parts.  Why not re-tool the auto industry plants and workers to create those parts & windmills?

Home heating costs are the next really big issue.  This past summer, when gas prices went up, people could park their cars.  However, in the winter, you can’t park your home.  Why not take the people idle builders and have them weatherize homes and buildings.  Increase heating efficiency by 30% in a home and a 10% increase in home heating prices won’t matter as much.  Plus – we’ll use less carbon-based fuel


Klobuchar: “there’s not one silver bullet, it’s like silver buckshot


Podesta – Bush has said that government is a problem, but it’s just that his government is the problem.


Nicole Lederer on what needs to happen next –

Cap on carbon emissions and investment system to help people/businesses meet that bar.  A policy of tax incentives & credits


Van Jones: the pollution-based economy is over


Question: How to make sure that as we roll out new jobs, the pay & benefits are fair.


Van Jones: Make sure that as we roll out this new economy we simultaneously roll out fair pay and fair treatment.


Specific steps suggested by Van Jones on how to pay for going green:

1)      stop paying the  polluters and make the polluters pay & reinvest it

2)      take 10% of the pentagon budget to retrofit homes


Final comment from Van Jones – This country has 4% of the world’s population and yet it generates 25% of the carbon emissions and 25% of the prisoners.  We must mend our ways



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