The latest from Plouffe and others in the campaign…

Today, I learned that all of the dollars invested in this campaign have helped the campaign knock on more than 10 MILLION doors and enlist more than 2.8 MILLION volunteers.

Here are some campaign updates from David Plouffe

  • Republican National Committee (RNC) pulled out of Minnesota & Wisconsin in order to better compete in PA & NH
  • Virginia & Colorado – we have big leads there now – but RNC will invest heavily there to take them back.
  • Nevada, Florida, Ohio – leaning Obama – will all be close (Fl more significant happening in the election)
  • Dead heats: Indiana, Missouri, NC, WV,
  • Will be a “treacherous 18 days” – but we’ve had volatile 18 days before.
  • Mail & Robocalls are picking up into the states
  • 6 different entities up on air on behalf of McCain these states – forcing the Obama campaign to play “whack-a-mole” against these competitors.  There aren’t big Democratic orgs doing similar levels of spending/advertising.
  • New 527 exploring 8 figure buy against them in the last 10 days of the campaign.
  • We can’t leave anything on the field.  Next week, we need to be able to make the decisions we want to make – ie going up in North Carolina etc… can not leave any stone unturned.  
  • Hasn’t been any cavalry to help Obama’s campaign – whereas there are several militias helping McCain.
  • Believes that the polls will tighten up (don’t be overly concerned).  There’s danger around every corner.
  • Dig in for these last days.  



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