Guest Post: My Mom from the Trenches in Florida

My mom is working the phones down in her neck of the woods (around St. Pete) and has this to share from her contacts:

  1. In some counties the mail-in ballot is printed in English & Spanish – this creates a ballot with small print that is hard for older voters to read – seems to be in the counties that have a large Jewish population
  2. On the mail-in ballots there is no district # printed – this should be done
  3. One Obama supporter had to tell me “I can see sugar canes from my house – I think that qualifies me to be Secy of Agric”
  4. One Obama supported reported that her mother-in-law is voting for Obama – first time in her LIFE she is voting for a Democrat – she is 90 years old!!!!
  5. Support for Obama seems to be VERY strong – and the one voter who said they were leaning sounded really sad that he is being forced to vote Democrat.

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