Suzi at century village fla

Today – I started canvassing in Florida today. Here I am at one if the elderly Jewish (predominantly) communities – century village.

(Had to head to sleep – so this is a continuation of the post from yesterday)

On my first day of canvassing here, most folks are supporting Obama – I even went to a couple of homes with elderly Russian Jews and, while we couldn’t carry on a lengthy conversation, I would say “Obama?” and they’d smile and say “Yes – Obama”.  Jonah (my canvassing partner) would then say “early voting?”, they’d then say “huh?”.  Then we’d say “Vote today? tomorrow” and they’d smile again and say “Yes!”.  We’d hand them the information on early voting and head on out.  We did get to chat with a couple of people who were on the fence and had terrific discussions with them about the areas of most importance to them: Social Security and healthcare.

Note on early voting v. absentee balloting – early voting began in Florida on Monday at a few locations (much fewer than on election day) and the lines have been ridiculously long.  Sadly, with the heat (and today – the rain), it’s not a pleasant experience waiting.  Today, the campaign is working on getting tons of buckets from Home Depot to use as seats for the elderly.  They are also working on having umbrellas available.  Oy!  It’s always something!

Oh – and the surrogates are starting to be more present.  Today – I met John Malman (Bowzer from Sha Na Na) and on the 1st Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman are coming.  Should be more and more fun down here.


One response to “Suzi at century village fla

  1. suzi-

    hi. which century village are you at since my grandmother is in the one at pembroke pines?? let me know and i will send her info to you.


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