The Undecided Voter

I was canvassing with my new friend, Amy Cohen, and we found one.  I felt like Charlie must have felt when, fresh from the disappointment of not finding the golden ticket in the first cherished Wonka Bar, he bought another one to simply drown his sorrows and then – elation when he actually had the golden ticket in the second bar.

Yes – Amy and I found a truly undecided voter.  Many people say “I’m undecided” – but then really aren’t.  She had initially been for McCain, then Obama, and now – she just doesn’t know.  We chatted with her for about 10 minutes –despite her occasionally talking about having dinner on the stove (we didn’t smell anything – so we weren’t that stressed out).  On the one hand, she was concerned about the fact that she had a small business and didn’t want to be penalized (mis-perceptions of Obama’s tax plan – the reality is that, for small businesses, it’s taxing the net revenue, not the gross proceeds – therefore, most small businesses are not impacted by an increase on tax for those with $250K/annual and above).  On the other hand, she has sons who could be of draft age if we stay at or go into other wars.  On the one hand, she isn’t sure about Obama’s experience, on the other hand – Palin is an unknown choice (and she likes Biden).  We shared with her a ton of information – not the least of which pointing out that Obama has built an incredible organization from scratch – including two volunteers – one from Seattle and one from Massachusetts – who cared enough to be at her door. 

As we left, Amy and I thought that our conversation might just be the tipping point for her.  Tonight, after Obama’s infomercial, I thought “I sure hope she watched that video – because it spoke directly to the questions she raised”.  SO – here’s to the undecided voters out there and hoping that they are truly open and that their hearts end up on the side of change.


One response to “The Undecided Voter

  1. Thanks for the great info! Too Shy to Stop writer Lauren Bucci just wrote an article about websites that claim to help undecided votes. You can read the piece here.

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