The Karmic Obama Circle is Complete

Since February, Eric and I have housed various wonderful Obama staffers.  Yesterday, the karmic circle was completed when a fellow Obama canvasser allowed Talia to nap at her house and have her wonderful 16 year old daughter babysit her while we went back out for another 4 hours of canvassing.

Lenita Phillips and her daughter, McKenna, are to thank for one of Talia’s top 10 naps of all time (over 3 hours and extremely well-rested).  Plus – they have a little bunny rabbit, Murphy, who quickly stole Talia’s heart.

Here are pictures of Talia in Lenita’s older daughter’s bed (she’s away at college) with her and her sister’s now-discarded dolls and stuffies.  Talia was truly in heaven!  She even got to watch Spongebob when she woke up and, when I got there, totally tattled on her brother, Sidney, by sharing with me that he had watched this program one time.

Talia giving a sweet little smooch to Murphy the Rabbit

Talia giving a sweet little smooch to Murphy the Rabbit


A very different canvassing experience

A very different canvassing experience


One response to “The Karmic Obama Circle is Complete

  1. Suzi,
    Thanks for including McKenna and me in your blog! I must say that I truly enjoyed our time together working for a great cause. I hope that our efforts prevail on Tuesday, especially here in Florida, and I will always remember the time I spent with you, and Claudia. I really appreciate the fact that there are other truly dedicated supporters who travel great distances working hard to help elect the next president, whom I feel will change the future of our country for the better.

    I am also glad that I had a chance to meet Talia. What a beautiful child, inside and out! You should be very proud of her great spirit. I’m sure she exhibits the best of her parents. I don’t know many children her age who travel with such grace, and who “goes with the flow” of campaigning like I witnessed. Talia, “you’re the best!” I apologize to you for having McKenna with me on Sunday canvassing and missed the opportunity to see you both one last time.

    I wish you and your family well, and I will always remember my Obama friends from the other side of the country.


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