Blue sky question – what next?

I’m exploring that for myself – both professionally and voluntarily.  My question to you all is:

If you had the opportunity to sit down to get advice from one unbelievably interesting and well-connected person regarding a next step in your life so that you are making and having as big an impact on making the world a better place – who would that person be?

I realize that’s an incredibly nebulous question – but just release your mind and think blue sky for a moment.  I’m interested in everyone’s answers!

Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and insight!  Note – I may end up coming back to you for your thoughts on how to connect with the people you recommend.


3 responses to “Blue sky question – what next?

  1. Phyllis Davidson

    I would seek out the best & brightest historian I could find – and learn the lessons of the past that are most relevant to today – History DOES repeat itself
    (And talking to your mom isn’t a bid idea either)

  2. Every time I’m looking for answers, I drive up to Culver City and go to Agape to listen to Michael Beckwith.

    However in light of the current financial debacle, right now I’d rather spend time with Warren Buffett.

  3. Your children.

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