The crowds begin…

Just arrived and even the crowd for the 70s era Dulles shuttle was enormous! The flight was full of high schoolers heading here – so awesome. A man from here said he’s never seen it like this.


One response to “The crowds begin…

  1. Hello Suzi! Remember me from Florida? McKenna is there as part of the Presidential Youth Inaugural Conference group that includes about 7500 students from all over the country who were arriving into Dulles on Sat. She’s very excited about all the things they will be doing as well as the events she will witness on Tuesday! Today they met with Colin Powell and Desmond Tutu, yesterday Doris Kerns Goodwin and Lisa Ling, and Al Gore tomorrow! What a great experience for all of them.

    I’m enjoying watching events on tv and on many websites–I feel like I’m there, and it’s wonderful- -all of the events and hearing the experiences of different people! It is very moving-and I don’t have to worry about mascara πŸ™‚

    Continue to have fun and enjoy the historical moment to come. My best to Talia πŸ™‚ Looking forward to hearing about your experiences, especially the events on Tuesday.


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