Sun morn gospel brunch

“Bricks lain by the hands of slaves will become the walls of our first African American president”
Dick durbin at the inaugural gospel brunch.

“When character and confidence are elevated over confusion” – invocation by bishop.

Intense feeling of patriotism hearing new song called America by Bebe winans.

Thank goodness I’m wearing waterproof mascara. John lewis just spoke and shared that when he was bloody and suffered a concussion in1965 in the march on Selma that he never imagined the day when, in 24 hours, we’d be swearing in an african american president. Totally crying. Sitting next to the amazing van jones who is also crying (environmental visionary)

Now watching iolanda Adams.

That last pic was bebe winans. Amazing!
Now – carole king

While it was a semi-jarring transition to go from the gospel and soul of Bebe Winans and Iolanda Adams to Carole King, they somehow pulled it together at the end with all three and it was great.

Below are some additional photos from the event (with the last one the one of Bebe, Iolanda & Carole)


2 responses to “Sun morn gospel brunch

  1. elizabeth davis

    wait is that van jones in the photo at the gospel brunch? his new book rocks and he’s beyond amazing!

  2. elizabeth davis

    guess i should have read the text before commenting…

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