Pre-event to the Opening Ceremony today…

I had the privilege and honor of attending a pre-event at which Obama spoke to a group of about 200 supporters.  At the end of it, he shook hands, gave hugs and kisses and even caught up with some folks he’d known for awhile.

While we were waiting for him, Eric and I met Frank Sasinowski – who shared with us incredible stories and we had a terrific bonding experience with him (continued proof of the phenomenal level of character in the people associated with this campaign!).  See photo below.

When he finally came, he spoke briefly and then focused on connecting with everyone.  I didn’t get a photo of the hug, but will carry it in my mind and heart forever. 

Here are some of the pictures from the event.


2 responses to “Pre-event to the Opening Ceremony today…

  1. We got to see you all while Pete Seeger was singing – we took some photos of you both – you look sooooo happy – we share your joy
    Love you Mom & Bob

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