The Western States Ball

Far in advance of the ball, two very wise women warned me that the balls are not all that they’re cracked up to be – they’re crowded and crazy.  But they also acknowledged that it’s an experience I should have in my lifetime. 

A ball seems like something that should be regal, elegant, fun, and very memorable.  I think that many people did get that from this experience, but I couldn’t help but think that it was a blend of a Bar Mitzvah with a high school dance – all with a cash bar. 

The good:

  • So fun seeing everyone dressed up
  • Mark Anthony (and J. Lo!)
  • Obama and Biden dancing sweetly with their spouses
  • Seeing lots of friends and elected officials
  • Being with my hubby, my sister and my nephew
  • Celebrating Obama’s Presidency
  • Seeing stars like Haile Berry, Angela Bassett, and others in a big giant crowd (although it was a bit confounding that they’d come to this type of event – Eric says it’s because they were curious too and that they also want to get some attention)
  • The security – went smoothly and quickly

The Could Be Better – or tips to remember (nothing was truly bad)

  • 11,500 people in one big car-show sized room (OY!)
  • Half of them going to get their coats at the same time from an inefficient coat check room
  • Pasta & sauce for 40,000 people (across 6 balls)
  • the VIP managed space – either have it or don’t, but this, instead was a little strip of riser with slightly better food than pasta & sauce – pretzels!
  • Seating – would have been nice to have a chair or two
  • The dance floor – more of it so that people could actually dance

The Ugly

Wilted Women after the ball - and proof that those who make painful shoes should be arrested for abuse!

Wilted Women after the ball - and proof that those who make painful shoes should be arrested for abuse!

And here are the photos in general:


One response to “The Western States Ball

  1. Hope Busto-Keyes

    Dear Suzi,
    Thank you so much for the ticket to the Sunday brunch in D.C. You are so thoughtful and kind! Nedra and I enjoyed visiting with David Heins from CA, who was sitting at our table. And, what a treat to see Carol King at her piano…she makes the earth move!

    I missed you at the Western States Ball. Nedra and I were standing in the crowd on stage left when the Bidens and Obamas waltzed for us, their fans. What a treat to have Jennifer Lopez appear, too.

    Your web site is so fun to read and experience. We all had different, yet similar experiences during the inaugural weekend. One of my most memorable moments was immediately after the swearing-in of President Obama…when the military band struck it’s first notes and the U.S. Naval cannons saluted our new Commander in Chief. Incredible.

    Suzi, thank you, again, for being so generous. I look forward to working with you as we help President Barack Obama make a ‘more perfect union’ ‘with liberty and justice for all.’

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