Picking your nose: Joyous and Forbidden…

A little digression from politics (although I’m sure you could draw some comparison). 

This morning, I was at a super sweet family shabbat service and watched a little girl really grooving on picking her nose.  The adults around her forced her to stop and scolded her a little for what she was doing.  I, too, have been guilty of getting angry at my kids for picking their noses in public. 

But looking at the zen this child was clearly feeling (and many I’ve witnessed while picking their noses enter a similar state of nirvana), I wonder: when did it become a bad thing to pick your nose?  Seriously – think about the meditative state that you see kids (I won’t accuse any adults of picking – they must just be scratching) enter when their little fingers find the perfectly matched hole in their nose to start picking.

Sure, you can use a tissue, but what about before tissues existed?  Whether their hard & crusty or smushy and gooey – boogers are texturally curious and attractive.  I can’t blame kids for picking a winner (although, I’d never do it, of course!). 

If you’re religious, you can think about it as such: If God meant for noses to be left alone, why make fingers that size?

From an evolution standpoint: why did we evolve with fingers the same size as our nostrils?  oohhh.. excuse me.  why did children evolve to have fingers sized to their nostrils? 

Of course – none of this goes into eating boogers – which seems to me more of an afterthought for a kid and not a part of the zone.  I’ll leave that discussion alone…


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