Anonymity meet Animosity…

I had the honor, recently, of having the story of the volunteer activities I do shared in the Seattle Times.  I received many wonderful notes from many people.  What I hope was achieved with that story was to inspire people to do good deeds.  Here’s the story

One nasty side of the story, though, is the comment section in it.  Frankly, those comments scare me.  Those cowards hide behind anonymity to make personal attacks on people they don’t know.  In history, when people hide behind masks – whether it’s white sheets over their heads or hiding in the crowds of lemmings conducting nefarious acts, they do scary and horrible things.  it’s critical that we hold people accountable – even for their words. 

As I say to my kids – the old adage “sticks and stones can break your bones, but names will never hurt you” is only useful to help build up callouses.  In fact, it’s a load of crap and we should be instilling into people that words are to be wielded carefully and with great compassion.

I am thankful for the other comments from individuals who know us and are putting those other fools in their places and I hope that those who clearly have deep seated issues are able to decouple the individuals in the story from the social situation that is, I believe, clearly bothering them. 

If they want to take issue with something, they should identify that it’s apples to kumquats to compare people who left successful jobs and companies a few years ago with people who are leaving jobs today under duress.   But don’t attack those who are trying to make a difference.


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