Suzi Meets Microsoft – Part Deux…

There must be something about matzo and Passover that helps me get job offers.  16 years ago (Hebrew year 5753), while I was on an unleavened Spring break  at my mother’s home in Boca Raton, Brad Chase called and offered me a position on his MS-DOS team.

I had recently received an offer to work at AMS (American Management Systems) in DC, so I wasn’t sure about this much lower offer from this small company – especially since it was located in Siberia…I mean Seattle (they were interchangeable at the time.  Note – Seattle remains the city where TV and movie characters are euphemistically exiled). 

After watching Singles and having just read an article about Brad in that Sunday’ s NYTimes business section, regardless of the disparate offers and the fact that AMS was closer to home, I daringly took the Microsoft offer. 

And thus, my life was changed in March 1993 (Nisan, 5753).

During my professional tenure with Microsoft and then Expedia, I was imbued with the knowledge that I can learn and do anything – including change the world (which I very much did while at each company).  After leaving Expedia, I translated that power to make change into a number of non-profit volunteer ventures (Kavana, I-LABS, Obama, etc…)

This November, I realized it was time for me to go back to work.  The first (and only other time) I looked for a job, all I wanted was “a place to communicate technology to non-technologists”.  This time, I wanted that, PLUS – having become addicted to change, I wanted – NO – I NEEDED  – impact.

After a lot of searching, I have come full circle and am super excited to share that I’ll be starting in Microsoft’s Education Product Group in May with the goal of helping Microsoft improve education through technology.  Knowing the challenges and opportunities education has right now and how technology is one of the keys to ameliorating those challenges and pursuing those opportunities, I couldn’t be landing in a more perfect place. 

Note: I came across a couple of other incredible opportunities that really fired my jets and wish that cloning technology existed – or that I could have Hermione’s time-rewinding necklace.  But alas – I had to choose.

As I enter this next chapter, I look forward to sharing what I learn and, more importantly, letting you know what action items there are.

In the meantime – I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks with my kids and with hikes on April 21st and 29th.  Let me know if you’d care to join me.


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