Overview of the Change Commissions Issues

For 2012 – the opening of window must move to

  • Pre-window events : Feb 1
  • Window first Tues in March

Issue: window timing


  • addresses concerns that nominating process begins too early in the calendar


  • How do we get states to move to march
  • 20 states hheld government run/finance primaries in February
  • 14 states held party run events

Issue: frontloading

  • 23 states on the opening day of the calendar in 2008
  • Consider:
  • Does frontloading have negative impact on calendar

Issue: enforcement:

  • Are the current sanctions in place sufficient – should there be add’l ones in plcace

Issue: collaborating with the RNC:

 (this year, for the first time, they have a commission as well)

  • RNC has ruled their window opening on Feb 7, 2012. 

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