If you had a superpower, what would it be?

This morning, my 7 year old mentioned having x-ray vision.  So I asked him: “If you could have one superpower, what would it be?”  I fully expected him to say “flight” because he loves planes.  To my surprise and overwhelming delight, without missing a beat, he replied: 

“Love – Because for example – robbers wouldn’t have to be in jail becuase I would just fill them with love and they wouldn’t want to steal anything anymore and everyone would be happy.”

So – what is the superpower you would choose?


2 responses to “If you had a superpower, what would it be?

  1. It’s been pretty hard for me to decide what superpower I would like, because of the annoying, and harmful side effects that would occur with the ability. I have always considered Teleportation, Flight, Superhuman Speed and Superhuman Strength, but, for me, they’re either too good for me, or just not what I would consider myself entirely.

    Teleportation would be good, because it is an easy and efficient way of getting from one place to another. But, I have always liked traveling because, I find it, in some cases pretty interesting, but that’s just me. Plus, Teleportation seems like a pretty lazy ability to me, and I don’t really want something like that.

    I always thought Flight would be really cool. It does, after all, involve traveling, which is exactly what I would like. This is the ability I have most considered myself, and would possibly like to have. However, there are a lot of pretty annoying side effects that would occur with flying, which is why it’s not considerable enough for me to have.

    Superhuman Strength has been yet, another very considerable ability. Being able to lift, almost anything would be, in some respect pretty useful. Plus, it is an ability which you can use to fight others, because I have always though that if the world was also a haven for not just humans, but superpowered beings, then there would be, in some cases, villains, who wish to use their abilities for things they consider, good, for only themselves. However, I have always liked an ability which you can use as a means of travel, which is why Super Strength is not entirely a considerable ability for myself.

    Superhuman Speed. Now, that is the ability I have always liked, despite a series of harmful side effects that would occur with this ability. The reason I have like Super Speed is because I have seen characters, eg, the Flash, Quicksilver (X-Men), Dash (Incredibles) from films and TV shows and thought that they were absolutely awesome. Plus, Super Speed would be, for me, a very enjoyable way of getting from one place to another. However, I cannot stop myself from being bothered from the harmful side effects that would occur with Super Speed, which consist of: damage from air friction, suffocation and Inertia (the one I hate the most). But, a lot of the characters from those TV shows seem to be immune to those harmful side effects, but, then again, they were possibly made up.

    This is why I have found it incredibly hard to choose and stick with a particular ability.

  2. Actually, I thought about it. If I was to have a special ability, I would possess Superhuman Speed. Not only would this ability manifest itself in my legs, but also in my entire body, including my brain. My musculature, skin, and metabolism would all be adapted towards the rigors of high-speed running, so my body would be immune to the potentially harmful side effects, such as damage from air friction, and inertia. My reaction time would be about five times faster than that of a normal human and the speed at which my brain would process information would be heightened to a level commensurate with my bodily speed.

    Superhuman Speed would come in great use for someone like me. It would give me the full advantage to travel around to various places, even around the world, in very little time, for example, I would be able to run from the coast of England, across the English Channel and towards Europe in a short amount of time without stopping. Now, that would be ace.

    The main advantage for possessing Super Speed, for me, would be to write a lot faster, by hand. I am 15 years old, and half way through my GCSEs. I have the problem with the speed of which I write, which is very slow, so I cannot get my classwork done in a certain amount of time. However, if I was to possess Super Speed, I would be able to get my classwork done in very little time, maybe about 5 seconds. I would not need to use a laptop in my exams (because I type faster), and I would get a lot of stuff done, and only in a short amount of time.

    This is why I would very much have Superhuman Speed, if I was to have an ability.

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