Change Commission Mtg #3: Caucuses

Recos all accepted by the people on the commission from states with Caucuses (CO, WA, MN, KS, IA).  Only concern mentioned by New Mexico who didn’t have enough resources to pay for quality caucuses..  Here’s more detail on recos:

for 2012 –

  • a set of “best practices” shoudl be adopted to provide caucus states with a set of benchmarks to achieve leading up to their caucuses.  States will be required to periodically show that they ahve met, or are working tward meeting, these benchmarks.
  • The RBC will oversee these state submissions and ensure that states are making adequate progress.  They may require additional submissions from cucus states tha tare slow to meet benchmarks.
  • The “Best practices” will take into consideration the fact that there are very different types of caucuses being utilized within the party, as well as the fact that some state parties have limited resources with which to work.

Additional point – outside of the other categories, but included in the discussion:

New point brought up by Plouffe to consider including in our report:

Something for us to consider – allow independents to participate in our primaries – that helps us reach out to them more effectively – giving those voters as much contact as possible.  some of this might be state party & some might be state law to allow that to happen.  Concern from Rep. Clyburn – about double-dipping.  In most states in this country – if our party can build strength among independents, we have a much longer life ahead of us.  In California, Bill Carrick shared that dem’s opening up to independents

Issue on national party rules – recordation.  Enforcement of that is the way to permit independents and overcome double-dipping.  Would be possible to stress that point of participating in that process and then emphasize that we don’t enforce double-dipping

Jeff Berman emphasizes that this can be discussed in the caucus process – thus we can have control over who we include in the caucuses.


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