Change Commission Mtg #3: Primary Timing Notes

Primary timing

Jim Roosevelt bringing up: Question is – what can we do with the rules for states that go outside of the rules.  If we look at the RNC, they’re already falling in line.  They’re meeting next Wednesday on this issue. 

2 Key subtopics:

  1. Spreading out the primary calendar
  2. Jumping in front of the window

1) Pushing timing back ‘cause they started too early – thus want more significant primaries throughout the process.  In 08 – 23 held their primaries on a single day.  The bonus delegates didn’t work as planned for getting folks off of the Super Tuesday. 

Was a discussion around bonus delegates and convention perks to use the process in a more robust way.  Recos are:

  • Pre-window be from Feb 1.
  • Gen’l – first tues in Mar
  • Cluster by region recommended (not mandatory)
  • Stagger timing
  • Coordinate with parties to make the changes/updates
  • Suggested offer incentives (delegates, hotels, seating, else? For opting into regional primaries)
  • Coordinate with the RNC

RBC will have the role to work with the states & plans to spread it out

Andres pointing out that, despite the bonuses, there were many states who clumped up on Super Tuesday – but RBC is going to be the group developing/coaching/and such with it. 

If both parties make it clear that, if you violate the window, it polices it more effectively. 

Great comparison brought up by Berman: how many offices in Pennsylvania v. offices in NJ (on super Tuesday). 

2)      <addressed later in the meeting by Jeremy Alter – from Florida.  However, I’ll pull it up : what to do if Florida legislature thumbs its nose at our primary window.  They control the timing of the primary and will do what they can to screw Florida Democrats.  We didn’t address this.>


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