Fight Back Against Seattle Public School’s “Parent Tax”

In his blog, State Rep and SPS parent Reuven Carlyle shared the horrible plan by the Seattle Public Schools administration to tax PTA contributions to schools by 3.3%.  He points out that this affects the hard work and funds raised by PTAs to already supplement what the school district has failed to provide. 

The other big a ha for me in what he shared is that SPS already has the highest overhead of any district in the state. 

SO – what can you do (since I’m all about action):

  1. Email/Call the Superintendent to Just Say No to the Parent Tax – – (206) 252-0167
  2. Email/call our School board members:  – you can find links to each of them and their information here:

Tweet, blog and facebook people about this.  This can’t happen – and you can keep it from happening.

Thanks for your help!



One response to “Fight Back Against Seattle Public School’s “Parent Tax”

  1. i just learned that they backed off! Thank you to all those who called/wrote! And thank you to representative carlyle for his leadership on this.

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