A “boy I am old” moment…

I don’t usually feel that old.  And according to the person in the mirror, nor do I look that old.  But just now, I was doing something for work that had me perusing in back posts of the Windows Team blog and I had that “staring at my mortality” moment.

In the comments to this post on the 15th anniversary of Windows 95, there are people sharing how young they were at the launch: 5, 7 – ooo someone older – 21!  OY!

For some perspective – I was a part of the launch event – I got to demo the first version of Internet Explorer with Jay Leno (it shipped in Plus! – the accessory pack).  I also, the next day, got to ride in the Corel hot air balloon.  Okay – so maybe I was only 25.  But still…. What an incredible experience overall….

Gotta go – my geritol is calling….


2 responses to “A “boy I am old” moment…

  1. Wannabee Insider

    I was 35 😉

  2. I remember that day! You were great with Jay.

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