The Tooth Fairy – real or fiction – how one kid tried to find out – or not…

On Friday, my son came up to me and said “I’m running an experiment, but I can’t tell you what it is until tomorrow”.

Hmmm, I thought.  That sounds ominous. Knowing that his experiments usually include a lot of tin foil, tape, chairs, butchers twine and cut up Ziplocs, I was rightfully concerned about what would happen by “tomorrow”.

Knowing what a sweetheart he is, it didn’t take long to persuade him to fess up.  He had lost his tooth in school and I hadn’t noticed.  His experiment was to see whether, without telling us and without our noticing, the tooth fairy would still come.

The funny thing is that I thought that he had figured out the myth of the tooth fairy last year.  Clearly, he hadn’t fully let go of the myth.  The fact, though, that he had to tell me leads me to believe that, despite wanting to test the veracity of the tooth fairy, he’s not quite into it  enough to risk not getting a dollar 😉

Maybe next time…


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