Airplane Movies

So there I was – sitting in my window seat at the outset of a 12 hour flight.  I had used a bunch of miles in order to upgrade, so I was able to enjoy on-demand films.  Next to me, the businessman was sipping his wine while the flight attendants traversed the aisles with food trays.

I had taken advantage of traveling sans kids to spread out, get my reading ready, set up my laptop, and then, finally – tee up my movie.  “SUHWEEET,” I thought,  “They have Toy Story 3!”

Big mistake (sort of).  The lesson I learned: Never watch a tear-jerker like Toy Story 3 at the beginning of a flight when the lights are still on and people are walking around.  It was a terrific film, but <spoiler alert> as a mom with little kids, I couldn’t help but sob like a baby as they showed the boy character growing up and going to college (makes me weepy just writing this note!).

So my question for you is: What are other movies NOT to watch on a plane when the lights are still on?  Whether they make you laugh or cry, feel free to use the comments to let me know.



2 responses to “Airplane Movies

  1. Any Lassie movie
    On The Beach
    There would never be enough tissues available on an airplane to keep up with my tears – and I do sob out loud which would be extremely embarrassing.

  2. Well, sort of related… I was delayed for a couple of hours on the tarmac at JFK a few years ago… W was taking off in Air Force One just before the storm hit – I know, foreshadowing? – and then we were stuck until the storm passed. So they started the movie early… Adam Sandler in… Anger Management. Priceless.

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