Tonight’s contribution to “Kids say amazing things”

Tonight, while walking my dogs – and with her in a backpack – my daughter and I were making up stories about what would happen if, all of a sudden, the dogs became flying dogs and we jetted into the sky.  At one point, she said – “what if I fall out of the pack and land on my head and break my head”  So I suggested “since it’s a make believe story, let’s have your hat turn into a helmet so that doesn’t happen”.  She added “and have armor on me”

I then mumbled “As a parent, I wish I could put armor on you all the time so that you’ll never get hurt”  She clearly heard me because she then shared what I think is a pretty profound statement (especially for a 5 yr old):

“But I will, because that’s what life is.”


One response to “Tonight’s contribution to “Kids say amazing things”

  1. And as your children get bigger and older you want the armor to get stronger and stronger and bigger and bigger.

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