Lesser known legislation that can/will have a big effect

With everyone focusing on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, START and 9/11 1st responder healthcare, I thought I’d take a moment to call out other legislation that passed recently or that has shown progress recently and doesn’t, perhaps, have the same PR agency working on its behalf as the other legislation 😉

Progress on Iran: Just a couple of years ago – everyone was (and many still are) freaked out about the possibility of Iran building nuclear (or nucular – as some said) capabilities.  In fact, during the election, many vilified Barack for proposing to want to speak or negotiate with Iranian leadership or to do anything non-belligerent.

Lo and behold, Iran Sanctions have definitely made it harder for the Iranian government.  I don’t want innocent citizens to suffer, but I do want the Iranian government to back off of developing nuclear weapons.  In this NYTimes article, you can see that the sanctions have caused gas prices to soar in Iran and are helping destabilize the country.  I also heard a news piece about recent discussions with Iranian negotiators (things that were unfounded just a couple of years ago).  So – guess what, non-belligerence is having some effect!

Progress on BOTH the environment and on the car industry: ordinarily, I wouldn’t imagine those things would be in the same sentence.  However, from this article (and ones like it) you can see that the changes in regulation that Obama signed around mileage targets and the support he provided for the US automakers that gave them the ability to develop their hybrid and electric car solutions  have led the first ever sustainable gas usage decline.  That is on top of, of course, GMs successful IPO and the success of other US automakers – and our getting out of the auto business – profitably.

Progress on making TV more pleasant to watch: Have you ever been watching tv and, all of a sudden, an ad comes on that pretty much deafens you and anyone inside a blast radius?  You might have even thought snarkily “that should be against the law!”.  Well, guess what – it now is!  The CALM law (or the obnoxious advertising law) – something that could affect everyone you know – for the better – every day!  Here’s info on the law (the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation law) that just passed that bans tv advertisers from turning up the volume (and I thought that it was just me!).

Next time you’re watching TV – enjoy the ads at the normal volume!



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