My husband saved our dog’s life yesterday

Reason #542 of why my husband is terrific:

Yesterday, our pooch was acting strange.  So, when I went out to lunch with a friend, I made sure my hubby stayed with/near her.  At the end of my lunch, he called and shared that her behavior had gotten weirder – so he looked up her symptoms and saw it might be bloat/gastric torsion (when their tummies twist).  He had already called the vet and learned that they weren’t open – and had started calling emergency clinics.

I raced home and took her in to the “hospital” Eric had identified.  They x-rayed her and found her tummy twisted.  Surgery began about 45 minutes later.

She’s now home and recovering.

Gastric Torsion is this problem that can kill.  But because my husband was so on it and thought to look up the information online -we got her in to the doctor before it caused her to go into shock and our puppy is still alive today.

I think I need to update the reason why I married him.  It has been because of his brisket.  Now it’s because he’s a life saver.


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