Cartoon authors as a sign of a generation gap

Today, my kids asked me to read the cartoon section to them (I, personally, don’t find this the most entertaining way to consume comics, but maybe that’s just me).  I hadn’t read the comic s in a ridiculously long time.  As I did, though, I was sort of surprised that some of the ones that were prominent when I was growing up are not just still there, but seem to be still relevant.  For example, Family Circus referred to iPods, Beetle Bailey was talking about computers, even Hagar the Horrible was new (although not high tech – but such is the nature of viking-based humor).  And then I looked more closely.

Lo and  behold, every one of those cartoons is now being authored by the next generation.  Here’s the run down of the ones that made me feel especially old:

  • Family Circus – Bil Keane was the creator (okay – that was even a generation before me – but he was going strong while I was in middle and high school).  Now, his youngest son Jeff is the main illustrator
  • Beetle Bailey – Mort Walker created it in the 50s (also before my time).  Now – many of his kids contribute to the cartoon.
  • Hagar the Horrible – Dik Browne (a former collaborator with Mort Walker) passed the baton to his son, Chris.  Again Hagar was created in the same era as the previous two.

Now  – all that said, I still miss The Far Side, Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County – those were more my speed.



One response to “Cartoon authors as a sign of a generation gap

  1. Calvin and Hobbes is still going strong among the kids in forth grade 😉

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