Epiphytes in our life – Better than a Tamagachi!

This past week, we had two new family members introduced to our household: Spike and Thorn. It started innocently enough.

After a meeting with friend and colleague, Don Brinkman, he allowed me to choose two epiphytes for my kids. I brought the plants home in my lunch bag along with instructions and squirt bottles. I handed the whole packet of stuff off to my kids thinking that they’d have some fun with these things, but that was about it.

The instructions were pretty sweet and really resonated with my kids. They instructed them to register their plants on www.epifriends.org (you can see a close up of Spike and Thorn on the site), water them regularly, bathe them, name them, etc… Fundamentally – a super lesson in anthropomorphization. To say that my kids embraced these little plants is an understatement. For those who lived through this phase of the universe, you’ll appreciate the comparison that a tamagachi doesn’t hold a candle to what these epiphytes are enjoying within the care of my kids.

Enjoy the photo and video album of my newest “kids”. Note – while they started out in their own places, it was inevitable that they’d need to seek some efficiencies – as well as company – and become roommates.

Thorn and Spike

Day 1: They live apart

Thorn in sports car

Spike on pink puffy rest

An introduction on day 1 to Thorn’s habitat (his first name was Hollis until his true name was discovered)

An introduction on day 1 to Spike’s habitat

Day 2 – adding I-5 (everyone needs a speed ramp out of their home!)

Day 3 – the Epi-condo – Spike moves in with Thorn

Day 4 – Earthquake proofing the Epi-condo

(It’s amazing what city zoning will allow these days. I mean – really? Toilet paper tubes? Who knew?!)


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