Archived: What I know about the inauguration activities

First off – if you’re traveling there – get your rooms & air ASAP.  I recommend my travel agent for hotel rooms: Peter Carideo –; (773) 525-3800.

I’ll email out when I learn more information on inaugural activities and such.

Swearing In:

There are some tickets to this separate seated and standing tix – but most people will be in the free area on the Mall.  There are likely to be jumbotrons throughout and the electricity of the event overall will pervade everything.

In the meantime, here are a couple of sites to track:

  1. Official committee for the inauguration –
  2. Senator Murray has some good info on her site:
  3. – I don’t know the credibility of this site – but it seems to give a sense of what happens when.
  4. article on getting there:


There will be 10 official balls (of which 8 will be regional) on Tuesday evening.  Other balls will be happening the nights before and also on Tuesday.  The info on the official balls isn’t out yet – other than that, for individual tix, it’ll be $150 and they’ll be available (and sell out quickly) in January.

Here’s info on unofficial balls:


  1. §  – Illinois Ball  – Jan 19th  – tix $300 until Dec 15th .  They hope to have Obama come, but there’s no guarantee on that.  There’ll be about 5,000 people at the general ball instead of the 1,500 people at the dinner.  One friend from Illinois, though, advised against balls as you really only get to see the principals for a few minutes (if at all) and the balls are usually crowded and stuffy.  My personal attitude is that everyone should experience that at least once for themselves in some capacity. 
  2. §  – Non-profit ball by the Information and Communications Technologies on Jan 20th – tix $1000
  3. §         Parade Route Map:
  4. §         Hawaii’s gala sold out quickly and is on Jan 18th.  Maybe can scalp those tix – but it’s small (ie about 200 people)

One response to “Archived: What I know about the inauguration activities

  1. Suzi,

    Why doesn’t Borack rent the Space Needle for an Inauguration ceremony broadcast from the very top. I will bet dollars to donuts that we could fill the surrounding area with happy, supportive people.


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