NFC (national finance committee) and DNC lunch

The whole Obama finance committee ended when the campaign ended, so this was a chance for the chair, Penny Pritzker, to thank us and to share what’s next with the efforts we had.  Specifically – both David Plouffe (any spreadsheet lover’s hero) and Gov. Tim Kaine (new head of the DNC) spoke.

To kick it off, Penny shared the awesome stats for the campaign.  Some that’ve been very public, some not so much – or not surfaced through analysis.  Specifically:

  • Obama For America fundraising total: $750M
  • DNC total: $109M
  • there were over 600 fundraising events
  • 13 million donor names
  • 4 million contributors
  • 6,000 staffers
  • 20% of those who voted for Obama were contributors
  • 50% of donors were 1st time donors

After she was done, Plouffe shared that the OFA organization was morphing into and becoming its own entity within the DNC called Organizing for America.

David Plouffe

David Plouffe

He then handed things over to Gov. Tim Kaine (incoming DNC chair).  such a down to earth guy!  He shared messages we’d been hearing a lot (and that seem to be what will be supporting their messaging):

  • Democrats stand for
  • Equality
  • Dignity of Work
  • Education as the leveler
  • Diplomacy

 I was especially interested in his talk because I’ve been thinking a ton (as have many) about how we continue the effective organizing that’s been done and make sure we do it efficiently.  Thus – I asked him 2 questions and, afterwards, gave him my card with 3 ideas on it.

The questions were: How do they blend the cryptic institution that brings you superdelegates with the youthful transparent Obama campaign?  How do you bridge grassroots orgs with the local party organization?  He answered both well – suggesting that they’d be reviewing the primary structure (from primary timing and leapfrogging to superdelegates).  He also shared that they’re very focused on bridging between the two organizing entities.

The 3 ideas were:

  • Make a push for PCOs (precinct committee officers) to really act as Precinct community organizers
  • Official sister districts – partner progressive  districts with other districts that need more help.
  • selecting a few beta districts throughout the country in which to deploy new projects/programs – and having mine be one of them.
Suzi with Gov. Tim Kaine

Suzi with Gov. Tim Kaine


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